Frequently asked questions

What is the process?

Your order is processed by a human, not a machine. It's our goal to get you clicks or calls - period. For this reason we handle each step manual to ensure the best results possible. 1) Simply select a list size you wish to send and proceed to checkout. 2) You will be directed to a form for the specifications of your email program. 3) We will create a proof and summary and your email will begin sending once you approve.

How long does it take?

We will send about 75,000 emails per 24 hour period in small batches.

Is this SPAM?

NO - We follow the following guidelines with every email ✓ Valid reply-to email address ✓ Valid company information ✓ An "unsubscribe" link ✓ Non-Misleading emails that do not link to illegitimate or illegal offers. ✓ Each email is sent one at a time (no-cc, no-bcc).

Can I use my list?

YES - if you have an opt-in email list we can use that data. You will be charged the same as our list services. We have over 300,000,000 emails in our system and we can even segment lists if needed by several variables (even zip codes for local businesses). Just ask your representative what you're looking for.

What will my email look like?

We encourage all customers to submit the HTML code for their email after purchase. If you do not know what this is don't worry, we also accept the wording and images and links you would like the email to goto and we will send you a proof for approval before sending. If your email is highly technical and has a complex design and you do not provide the HTML code we will let you know before proceeding if there will be any design charges. The designs that are inluded with our service are very professional, neat & clean.

What is the delivery & security?

High volume with high delivery rate email. We use authenticated sending: SPF, MX, rDNS, & DKIM signing which improves the inbox placement for maximum inbox delivery. We have Cisco Firewalls for security, so all data is save & secure.

What kinds of reporting will I receive?

You will receive • Start and Finish Time • Final Send Count • Deliverability • Clicks • Complaints We can also send you the "Domain Breakup" if you like which shows you the count and % of the hosting businesses your emails were sent to - for example yahoo.com, aol.com, hotmail.com, comcast.net, msn.com, att.net and so on. Since it is generally good practive to email the same list 4-5 times to maximize reach, from the reporting you can decide if you would like to continue sending to the list you chose or try another area or other segments. Normally when you email someone an offer they will decide to act on your email (or not) between 1-3 emails. Some businesses will email the same offer to the same list up to 20 times. We do not suggest going this high without making some changes either to the subject, the message or both. Remember, people will react to emails in very differnet ways depending on how much time they have at that moment or even "mood".