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You can choose the size list, from 25,000 to 1,000,000+ emails and we will over send those numbers. We recommend sending 75,000 at a time until you are getting the visits or calls that you expect from the email message.



To start, we will save you a small fortune, and hopefully make you a large fortune : ) How can we do this? Firstly, large corporate email marketing websites like MailChimp and SendInBlue have large corporate expenses - we don't.

Secondly, they store your data, reporting, images, email codes, and your customers which costs a lot of money! We treat each email service independently and save thousands monthly in overhead.

Lastly try to upload just 30,000 contacts in their system and take a look at the cost - ouch! We do not need to store your data in this fashion - once a campaign is complete the data gets compressed then deleted. We have a few other tricks up our sleeves to save you money but we can't give away all our secrets : )



Our USA business and residential lists are updated quarterly and are separated by states. They are all opt-in emails from adults who agreed to receive 3rd party advertisements.

If you choose, we can send to your email list. All details will be confirmed before your email is sent.​ We always over send and constantly monitor for undeliverable email addresses.



After purchasing, we will request you send your email content for the email and the desired subject for your email along with other specifications.


If you do not have the HTML for your email no problem, you can send us the wording and the images and we can take care of the design services. If your email is complex, we will let you know if there will be a design charge. All free email designs are professional, contain 2-4 images and description.



All emails will contain your reply-to email, your address and your phone number. A visible "unsubscribe" link is at the bottom of every email. Every email we send is sent one at a time - we do not send BCC or CC emails - ever. We have the right to cancel any emails that contain any illegal, prohibited, or adult sexual matter. If you think your email may contain this, just ask.



We deliver emails one at a time and at a slow pace to assist with deliverability. We send no more than 3,125 emails per hour, per email or 1 day for 75,000 emails and 14 days for 1,000,000 emails. You can contact us if you need faster delivery for an extra fee. We also will assist to fine-tune your email to prevent your email from ending up in someones junk folder.



This type of marketing works for thousands of products and businesses, but may not be the right approach for you.​ When emailing "blind" it's important to know how marketable your product or services are. Is it something 1 in 500 people may find useful or is it as common as toilet paper and nearly everyone who opens your email could benefit? How profitable is your product? Is recurring business possible and how often? Do you have a subscription? Is your product amazing, but not many people are aware of it? These are all questions you should know the answer before you begin.



70% of the cost involved in mass emailing is reporting management and statistic development. This is how we can save you thousands of dollars. We will confirm with you when your email started and when it finishes. We will report the start and complete dates. number of clicks our system reports that you received in a simple format. You know the value of just 1 click from a new customer who chose to visit your website for more information so you will need to determine if the email being sent is working or needs adjustments.



We guarantee we will send the number of emails as per agreed and you will see a final server template before sending. We do not like advertising or marketing that doesn't work - period. For this reason, we suggest you do not purchase any service higher than 75K until you feel you are getting the visits required to make this work. There are dozens of variables on your website or offer that ultimately will determine the outcome of email marketing - for this reason it would be impossible guarantee the final results.